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El simple acertijo que el 50% de los estudiantes de Harvard no supo resolver

CIENCIAPosted by ENRIQUE MONTERO CALERO Tue, February 23, 2016 13:40:03

He who writes these lines has been used only three minutes to solve all three questions correctly.

The human mind constantly on automatic pilot. How many times a day he wondering if you carry the keys on or turned off the gas and go back when it turns out that everything is in order? This video Bite Size Psych, an informative channel that carries pieces of psychology based on the latest scientific studies, says that the brain works at two levels deep and usually does so in the most superficial of them responsible for everyday actions and quick reactions, but also failures of reasoning.

Even the brains of students from one of the most prestigious universities in the world, Harvard University (USA), is the law of least effort. Most of them suspended for Cognitive Reflection Test, created by Professor of the University of Yale, Shane Frederick, with only three questions that measured how deep the information is processed. The audiovisual piece that is on these lines offers a surprising key to change at will the speed at running your head when you need a higher level of accuracy. But still does not reach the optimal results, consider the logical-mathematical intelligence is not alone, and you will probably be smarter than you think. If not, consider adopting a cat.

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